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UK Firewood Logs: Lincolnshire Firewood Suppliers.

Offering Kiln Dried Logs, Seasoned Firewood & Log Delivery in Lincolnshire and National Delivery

Having specialised in outdoor wood-burning ovens for many years, we understand the need for high-quality hardwood firewood logs. At UK Firewood Logs, we have a range of products in stock, from firewood logs and kindling to log splitting equipment and firewood storage solutions.

Our firewood logs are sourced from sustainable UK woodlands, and we only supply well-seasoned hardwood firewood logs. All of our firewood logs contain less than 20% moisture content and will be available throughout autumn and winter, for your peace of mind.

Log Delivery in Lincolnshire

We offer exclusive delivery options for local areas surrounding Lincolnshire, as well as national delivery. Our firewood delivery ensures a seamless transaction, as we deliver directly to your door and accept cash or cheque on delivery. You can also pay with a card using our secure portable card payment terminal. You can order your firewood logs online, and we will deliver them to your door shortly afterward. Alternatively, visit us in-store to speak with one of our friendly members of staff who will be happy to help. Our store is located within the Lincoln BBQ Shop in Saxilby Enterprise Park.

We provide premium quality products and fantastic service for all our customers throughout the UK. Our delivery service extends to Lincoln and Lincolnshire. If you require a bulk delivery to any address in the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us for a competitive quote.

The Benefits of Firewood:

Firewood As An Energy Source

With the recent hike in utility prices for fossil fuels in the UK, people have looked at alternative, less expensive, and sustainable methods of heating their homes and businesses. In addition, there has been an increase in other firewood log uses for outdoor living and entertaining. Most people now have a chiminea or a fire pit in their garden, providing a feature or warmth on a summer evening or even on a crisp winter's day!

An open fire or wood-burning stove is another popular option for people to enjoy the safe use of lighting a fire. Using firewood logs outside also creates a lovely ambiance and provides warmth, which is more comforting than central heating. Using low moisture content firewood logs will also increase the heat produced, reduce smoke emissions, and make it easier to light your fire.

Use Firewood Logs to Smoke Your Meat

Smoke your own fish and meat - it will be the best you ever eat!

Food smoking is now very trendy. We all want greater control over the ingredients and preparation of our foods. Using good quality untreated wood dust or chips from firewood logs is a great way to smoke your food. Simply soak some wood chips (hardwood only) in water or wine and throw them onto your fire or embers to add a lovely flavour to any grilled food.

Additional Benefits of Burning Firewood Logs

  • Firewood is easy to store and burn
  • Great aroma when burning - lovely to cook food over
  • Use dry firewood logs to get a higher temperature output
  • Buying firewood logs from sustainable sources is eco-friendly

Locally Sourced Firewood or Sustainable Firewood

At UK Firewood Logs, we supply hardwood logs and kindling for burning that have been sourced from sustainable woodlands and coppicing. This gives you the comfort that whenever you buy wood logs from UK Firewood Logs, they will always be from a well-managed woodland or forest. Our delivery service of hardwood firewood logs and kindling extends to the Lincoln, Lincolnshire area.

Firewood Logs in the UK: Your Heating Solution

Firewood logs have become an increasingly popular choice for eco-conscious households and businesses across the UK. With the rising costs of traditional fossil fuels, many are turning to firewood as a sustainable, cost-effective alternative for heating and cooking.

UK Firewood Logs provides top-quality kiln-dried and seasoned hardwood logs that not only deliver high heat output but also burn cleanly with minimal smoke emissions.

Whether you are looking to warm your home, enhance your outdoor entertaining space, or explore the art of smoking your own food, our premium firewood logs offer an excellent solution. Explore our range of products.