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UK Firewood Logs are a specialist Firewood Log Retailer in Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Having specialised in Outdoor Wood Burning Ovens for many Years, we understand the need for high quality Hardwood Firewood Logs to burn. At UK Firewood Logs we have a range of products in stock, from Firewood Logs & Kindling to Log Splitting equipment and Log Storage.

Our Firewood Logs are sourced from sustainable UK Woodlands and we only supply well seasoned hardwood firewood Logs for burning. All of our Firewood Logs contain less than 20% moisture content and will be available throughout Autumn and Winter, for your peace of mind. We deliver to your door and accept cash or cheque on delivery, you can also pay with a card if you prefer using our Secure portable card payment terminal. You can of course order your Firewood logs online and we will deliver to your door soon afterwards.

We have premium quality products and a fantastic service for all of our customers through out the UK.

Our delivery service extends to Lincoln, Lincolnshire. If you require a bulk delivery to any address in the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us for a competitive quote.
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Firewood as a fuel.....

Take a look at our new Log Saw Horse, from Peetz, it has a patented design that can hold logs and timber from a diameter of 25mm to over 25cm and almost any length - and clamps them securely in place - for safe cutting. Our new Sawhorse will hold 1 or multiple logs at a time in a secure manner - with braced legs this makes it one of the safest and most capable Saw Horses available today.....

To operate simply slide the log between the jaws and press downwards so the claws bite into the log. Its fully adjustable gripping jaws can be set to different diameters to suit the width of logs and wood. Really long logs are no sweat for the Smart-Holder . There is no need to move the log along to saw it as the log literally “floats” in mid-air making it really easy to cut.

Burning Firewood Logs in the UK is now very popular for many reasons. One of which is the raised profile of the benefits of using wood for burning.

Burning Firewood Logs and other wood does have many benefits:

With the recent hike in the utilities prices for fossil fuels in the UK, people have looked at alternative, less expensive and sustainable methods of heating or warming their homes and business. In addition to this, there has been an increase in other firewood log uses for outdoor living and entertaining - most people now have a chimenea or a fire pit in their garden, to provide a feature or some warmth on a summers evening or even on a crisp winters day!

Using Firewood logs outside also creates a lovely ambiance and provides warmth which is more comforting than central heating. Using a low moisture content Firewood Log will also increase the heat produced, reduce the smoke emissions and make it easier for you to light your fire.

Smoke your own Fish and Meat - it will be the best you ever eat!

Food smoking is now very trendy - we all want greater control over the ingredients and preparation of our foods. Using good quality untreated wood dust or chips form firewood logs is a great way to smoke your food. Simply soak some wood chips (hardwood only) in water or wine and throw onto your fire or embers to add a lovely flavour to any grilled food.

At UK Firewood Logs we supply Hardwood Logs and Kindling for burning which have been sourced form sustainable woodlands and coppicing, giving you the comfort that whenever you buy wood logs from Uk Firewood Logs it will always be from a well managed woodland or forest.

Our delivery service of Hardwood Firewood logs and Kindling extends to the Lincoln, Lincolnshire area.

Take a look at some of the benefits of Burning Firewood or Firewood Logs:

- Firewood Wood is easy to store and burn
- Great aroma when burning - lovely to cook food over
- Use Dry Firewood Logs to get a higher temperature output.
- Buying Firewood Logs from sustainable Sources is ECO friendly

For Firewood Log and Kindling Delivery, Lincoln, Lincolnshire call 01522 770081

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Wood Moisture Meter

Wood Moisture Meter

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Small Log Store

Small Log Store


A great Log Store that has been manufactured using a pressure treated timber for protection against the elements.

Designed with plenty of air circulation - perfect for seasoning your own logs or maintaining pre-seasoned logs.

With a shelf included and natural timber finish this log store has storage of around 1 cubic metre capacity. A slanted roof is also included for protection against the elements.

Measures - H=1560mm x W=1170mm x D=560mm

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